We are always for grasping about at desires, though identifying what we truly want, what intuition is asking of us, makes all the difference.

Identifying What You Really Want

I’ve selected this topic because tomorrow is Guru Purnima, the celebration of spiritual teachers in the Yogic Tradition in which it is customary to make a boon or a wish/intention that is offered during a puja ceremony. The process of selecting this wish is an interesting exercise in examining what it is we truly desire.

Most of people right now could probably identify five or so things they want without much thought. A new car, my pre-baby body back (🙋), Keanu Reeves as a boyfriend (also 🙋) for example. But identifying what it is that we truly want, knowing what goals are truly relevant and which aren’t, is the key to knowing which desires to follow and which to ignore.

Instructor of Vedic Meditation and Founder of The Vedic Method and Meditation Without Borders. Also, mother to Scarlett, Delphine and Adrian.